Consulting Services

Speaking Engagements
Does your organization or group need a speaker to educate your members on how they can use the Internet to increase their business? We will work with you to create a customized program that will serve your organization and benefit your participants through our value-packed talks. We focus on delivering value to your members and share our information which includes how to get additional information/support, the best way to contact us and any Thank-You-for-letting-us-serve-you specials that we may have for the attendees.

Contact us to schedule us for your next empowering speaking event.

Web Conversion
Studies show that 97-98 out of every 100 people who come to your website leave without taking any action on your website whatsoever. That’s almost 98% of everyone that comes to your website! What we do is lower the number of people who leave your website without taking an action, therefore raising the amount of business that you receive from your website.

Studies have shown that when you have someone meet and greet your website visitors, you can easily triple the number of people who take an action on your web site, thus making our service very easily affordable (it’s the same result as tripling the amount of traffic, without having to go through the effort of additional marketing to get more traffic. Would you be willing to invest $100 to receive $1500 in turn? Contact us to see how we can increase your business from the traffic you already have.

Webinar Production
Webinars are a great way to:

  • educate your target market
  • create a new revenue stream through paid for webinars
  • use as a sales tool for a more expensive product/service
  • create a new product

Most entrepreneurs don’t take advantage of them because of the following hurdles:

  • They feel it takes too much effort to put one together
  • They don’t know how to use it in their business
  • They can’t afford the technology

We take care of the hurdles for you by providing:

Webinar technology to successfully and easily produce your webinar, allows up to 1000 attendees at a time. This webinar technology is available to both Mac and Windows users.
Sales page and ecommerce functionality to collect payments. We take care of all of the details of selling seats and registering everyone for the webinar.
Press release submissions with a link back to the Client’s website. We will do some promotion for the webinar as well, and will send traffic back to the Client’s website
Social media marketing on Facebook, Linked in and Twitter. Another avenue to promote the webinar on Social media will give it a more powerful message.
Customer support management. We handle any customer issues that may come up during webinar payment.
Video recording of the webinar. We handle the necessary transcoding that will allow Windows and Mac users to take advantage of the video recording, thus expanding the available market.
We have 4 options available for you to take advantage of along with a means of taking creating additional income if you should so choose.

Strategy Consultation Session

With a small investment in time and money, you can learn what to avoid and what to do to reach your desired Internet goals. It is easy to avoid wastingtime and money when you have a detailed plan.

A 3 hour session can give you a customized roadmap of what you need to do, and how to do it to get you to your goals. This personalized session is developed to your own personal or business situation and will cover topics such as:

  • What you need to do on your web site to get your visitors to do what you want them to do.
  • How to easily find out what your target market wants.
  • What you can do to automate some of the processes of your business to get more done in less time.
  • How you can find additional revenue streams for your business by using your web site.
  • How to get more visibility for your web site.
  • Where you should focus your time, and what is a waste of time.
  • What tools you need to use and which tools will waste your time and your $$$$.
  • Many Other Internet Strategies.

You will get a personalized consultation, because everyone has different needs and a different set of goals they wish to accomplish, so your solution is not a typical cookie-cutter answer, but is tailored to fit your specific business needs.

This session could save you thousands of dollars in lost time and wasted resources you didn’t really need but didn’t find out until you had already purchased them.

Once you walk out of your session, you will have a detailed plan that you can then implement yourself, or hire someone else to implement it for you. You will now have the ability to intelligently tell your web designer exactly what you want done!


Psiphon Consulting provides straightforward, practical, and very useful tips on how to navigate the unbelievably confusing realm of internet marketing. The 2 hour session was well worth the investment.

The world of web marketing is a confusing and sometimes expensive proposition. Psiphon Consulting explained all the options clearly and succinctly. I finally figured out what “pay per click” actually meant and it turned out to be a better deal than I thought. They have tried all the techniques so...

Since Psiphon Consulting/ has been assisting me with my marketing efforts I have been offered 2 gallery shows in the last 3 weeks. In google, my site was listed on page 24 when I searched for Boulder Wedding Photographers, in 2 weeks it has jumped to page 7 and in...